Oreo Cheesecake – Vanilla

Description: Oreo Cheesecake – Vanilla Cheesecake and Oreos baked right in with an Oreos crust topped with whipped cream and more Oreos. Photo Credit

Inside-Out Caramel Apples with Fried Apple Ice Cream

Ingredients: For the Fried Apples: 2 – Medium to large Granny Smith Apples 1 – Medium to large Honey Crisp Apple 2 – Tbs. BUTTER, UNSALTED ½ c – SUGAR ½ c – water Juice of 1 small LEMON Ice cream   Photo Credit & Preparation Directions


Ingredients: lb uncooked prawns Salt and pepper Olive oil Roasted garlic-cilantro sauce: 1 small head garlic, top trimmed off 1 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves 1 lime, juice of 1 tbsp dry white wine 3 tbsp olive oil Photo Credit and Preparation Here

Mediterranean Chicken

4 skinless chicken breast halves or any chicken pieces (about 6 ounces each) 1 can (16 ounces) petite-diced tomatoes, undrained ½ cup each: chicken broth, dry white wine or chicken broth 1 medium zucchini, sliced ¾ cup each: chopped onion, sliced fennel bulb 1

Chili con Queso

2 small poblano chilies, halved 2 cups (8 ounces) shredded reduced-fat processed cheese 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded reduced-fat sharp Cheddar cheese 1/3 cup each: finely chopped onion, tomato ½ teaspoon dried oregano leaves 2-4 tablespoons 2% reduced-fat milk Tortilla chips   Directions:  

Turkey Meat Loaf

1½ pounds ground turkey breast ½ cup each: finely chopped onion, red or green pepper 1 egg ½ cup each: chicken broth, unseasoned dry bread crumbs 3 tablespoons steak sauce 1 teaspoon each: dried thyme leaves, salt ½ teaspoon pepper ½ cup chili sauce

Chicken Breasts with Vegetable Melange

4 skinless chicken breast halves (about 6 ounces each) 12 baby carrots 8 small red potatoes, quartered 8 ounces white or cremini mushrooms, quartered 3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced 1-2 teaspoons grated orange zest 1 teaspoon each: crushed fennel seeds, dried rosemary leaves 1
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